Air Separation PSA Nitrogen Generator Nitrogen Flow 3 - 2000 Nm3/H Purity 95 - 99.99995%

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Place of Origin: Jiangyin,Jiangsu,China
Marka adı: True
Sertifika: ISO,CE
Model Number: TY
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Fiyat: Negotiation
Packaging Details: wooden case packing
Delivery Time: 10 working days
Supply Ability: 20 sets per month
Flow rate:: 3-2000 Nm3/h Application: Food,chemical,oil,gas industry and so on
Voltage:: According to customers' Power:: 0.1-2 kw
Color:: Blue,White ,gray Material:: steel

nitrogen psa generator


psa nitrogen gas generator

Air separation PSA nitrogen generator nitrogen flow:3-2000Nm3/h purity 95-99.99995%

Air Separation Nitrogen generator

1.Nitrogen making system consists of air compressor, compressed air purifying device, pressure varying adsorption nitrogen generator and storage tank, which can separate the nitrogen and oxygen from the air, and get the high pure nitrogen.

2.Nitrogen flow: 3-2000Nm3/h 

3.Nitrogen purity: 95%-99.9995%

4.Nitrogen dew point: ≤-40℃ (normal pressure)

5.Nitrogen pressure: ≤0.65Mpa

Brief Introduction for PSA Nitrogen Generator Principles
When the process adopts lifting air, oxygen and nitrogen have different diffusion rate and adsorptive capacity to separate oxygen from nitrogen on carbon molecular sieve(CMS). When air is compressed to 0.8MPa, air source enters in pressure-swing adsorption tower for separation after being purified through dry and oil-water separation process (filter). Oxygen molecules are diffused and adsorbed in carbon molecular sieve under pressure. Non-adsorbed nitrogen is discharged from outlet of adsorption tower. Oxygen is desorbed, discharged and purged in adsorption tower under depressurization. Moreover, adsorbent can be recycled.
PSA nitrogen making machine adopts double adsorption towers with high-quality carbon molecular sieves installed as the adsorbent, one tower adsorbs the generated nitrogen, the other tower carries out desorption, regeneration and emptying, and PLC controls the pneumatic valve, thus the two towers can generate gas alternately.
Using before the seal-capping, tank-pressuring, blowing of the beer, grape wine, fruit wine, edible oil, thus can wipe off the oxygen and prevent the oxidation, decomposition and color fading of the no carbonated drinks and edible oil. If cork is used, the mildew will be prevented in the bottle and the nitrogen purity is over 99%.
Prevent fried-popping food from becoming soft and stale and crushed during the transportation.
Add the preservation time of baked food by 3 to 5 months.
Prevent the agglomeration of milk powder, soybean powder during the long term storage.
Technological Advantages

Close Air Handling System;

Special Low Shunt and Non-Wear Soft Clamping Device.

endif]>Long-life Pneumatic Valve

Innovative Low Noise Silencer

Unique Touch Switch and Liquid Crystal Display

endif]>High Automation and Can be Unattended

Equipment Structure Compact and Reasonable

Produce Nitrogen Fast in Short Time





Product Features
1. The nitrogen purity can be adjusted from 95%-99.99%. The nitrogen gas is dry and its dew point is low, these help to preserve the food.
2. The machine features excellent cost effectiveness and fast capital payoff.
3. Its exterior is concise and small, so is to be conveniently cleaned and meet the high cleanliness requirement of the food industry.
4. The product is made of high quality equipments and its skillfully process makes itself durable in use.
Food Grade Nitrogen Generator Operation Cautions

1. Regulate nitrogen production valve according to the air pressure. To ensure the machine in a good condition, don’t to raise the air flow.

2. The nitrogen gas valve opening should not be too large to ensure a best nitrogen purity.

3. The flow meter of Nitrogen analyzer should be adjusted to 0.5L/H.

4. The adjusted valve should not be turned or the nitrogen purity will be influenced.

5. The electric parts in the control cabinet and pneumatic pipe valve should not be touched randomly.

6. The operator should check the pressure gauge regularly.

7. Output pressure, flow indicator and nitrogen purity should correspond with the required valve. Once the problem happens, actions should be taken to solve.

8. Maintain the air compressor, air dryer and filters according to the technical requirements to ensure the air quality(The air source should be oil-freed)

9. Air compressor, air dryer should be maintained at least once a year. And the wear parts should be replaced and maintained accord to the equipment maintenance.

10. The carbon molecular sieve should be checked at least once a year for a certain degree of wear of the carbon molecular sieve.

11. To fill in the daily record form completely.

Manufactured capacity:

Factory name/address Manufactured item annual production capacity

Jiangsu Tongyue Gas system Co., Ltd
2030 Zhengcheng Road, Xishiqiao Town, Jiangyin City

pressure swing adsorption nitrogen geneerator 350 sets/year

Ammonia decomposition hydrogen production equipment

300 sets/year

methanol reforming hydrogen

50 sets/year
other gas equipment 90 sets/year

Service Commitment:
1. When receiving debugging information from our customers in the debug phase, we will arrive to the site in 48 hours if the debugging condition limited.

2. When the machine in operation, if you have any questions, please turn to our after-sales for help: 1381217593. We will provide you with reasonable suggestions and help them to solve the problems.

3. To the customers who need to change the accessories, we will send to you as soon as possible.

4. Any operational problems with the machine, we will arrive the site in 24 hours.

5. Any dissatisfaction with our after-sale services, please call our complains hotline:0510-86625066 

Air Separation PSA Nitrogen Generator Nitrogen Flow 3 - 2000 Nm3/H Purity 95 - 99.99995% 0

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